Stockwood is a proud family business consisting of three brothers, each who started off independently in the building industry. In 2006 they joined in their individual passions at Stockwood Building Group. Over the years the business saw a growing need to expand its offering to include architectural design services, and so in 2012 Stockwood Design was formed, enabling the business to take projects from initial concept through to completion.

Since then, the business has grown into a team of 20 dedicated professionals, working collaboratively to ensure a seamless approach to each project. With a commitment to superior workmanship, Stockwood Building Group has appointed permanent site supervisors as part of the team, complimented by reputable contractors and suppliers.


Sam Broccio

Managing Principal

Sam’s career in construction had humble beginnings in the early 1990s, working independently as a project manager in the residential sector. Over years of experience in drainage, earthworks, excavation, concreting and bricklaying sectors, Sam’s interests and commitment continued to...
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Gino Broccio

Director & Construction Manager

Gino worked as a cabinet maker and qualified carpenter for many years before joining his two brothers at Stockwood Building Group in 2006. His experience in these trades and finer craft of woodwork formed a solid foundation for his...
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Renato Broccio

Director & Construction Manager

Renato is a qualified carpenter who has worked in the residential sector from a young age. After working independently in the early years of his career, he joined Sam and Gino in 2006, sharing their passion for delivering high...
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Jaren Fennessy

Site Supervisor

Jaren’s career commenced at Stockwood Building Group as a carpenter apprentice under the supervision our Director, Renato. Jaren proved himself to be an extremely capable and driven worker, becoming a qualified carpenter and climbing the ranks to Site Supervisor....
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Angelo Cardamone

Site Supervisor

Angelo has worked with the Managing Director since the early 1990s, starting off as a qualified carpentry subcontractor. After many years of proven quality workmanship and commitment, Angelo’s career progressed to the role of site supervisor. Angelo’s experience has...
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Angelo Gargiso

Warehouse Logistics & Supervisor

Angelo has worked in the building industry for over 15 years and has extensive experience in supporting tradesmen and builders in delivering a broad range of projects. Angelo’s role at Stockwood Building Group is varied and includes the management...
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Daniela Taranto

Business Support Manager

Daniela is a qualified Chartered Accountant with 15 years experience in business support and accounting roles across various corporate organisations. Her role at Stockwood Building Group is broad and includes financial management, administration of variations, management of organisational policies...
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Milena Belmuda

Project Operations & Client Liaison

Milena has worked at Stockwood Building Group for over 10 years, supporting our directors and site supervisors with the back office tasks underlying each and every project. Milena also works closely with clients, guiding them through the process of...
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Maria Di Meo

Accounts Manager

Maria has worked at Stockwood Building Group for over 13 years in various roles across the office management and bookkeeping functions. Her current role includes management of accounts receivable, reconciliations and overseeing the Accounts Payable function which is performed...
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